Support for Disabled

Support for Disabled

People with disabilities are more likely to experience domestic abuse than the wider population.

Those living with disabilities may be more vulnerable to certain kinds of abusive behaviour such as coercive controlling behaviour, financial abuse and being isolated from sources of support. They may also face additional barriers that can make it harder for them to access support such as discrimination from the wider population.

Although there are barriers there is also lots of support out there. There are a number of services which provide specialist support, accommodation facilities and advice. If you or somebody you know is experiencing domestic abuse please feel free to contact our Referral and Advice line on 020 8317 8273 or see below to find more specialist support services.

Greenwich Association of Disabled People (GAD)

Supporting deaf and disabled people in Greenwich to live independently. Provide advocacy, support and advice.


Phone: 020 8305 2221

Disability Rights- Equality Advisory Support service

Supporting disabled people who may have been discriminated against or require support to protect their human rights.

Phone: 0808 800 0082


DeafHope UK

A specialist domestic abuse service for D/deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and Deaf/Blind people. We are a pan London service offering support from trained Deaf IDVA and Young Deaf Peoples Prevention Officers.

Telephone (Voice): 020 8772 3241 Mon-Friday 8-4:30

SMS/Text: 07970350366


Disability Rights -Disabled Students Advice Line

Supporting those who are studying access necessary support. Assisting those who wish to study enrol on the course of their choice.

Phone: 0800 328 5050