Support for Children and Young People

Support for Children and Young People

Housing for Women believes that no child should have to live with fear or abuse. Domestic violence has a devastating impact on children but with support, children can begin to overcome the trauma of witnessing or experiencing abuse and go on to live safe and happy lives. Housing for Women supports children and young people in our refuges through specialist support and activities.

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How we help

Our Children's Support Workers help children to process trauma in a safe and secure environment. Support includes:

  • One-to-one key work sessions - Tailored to each child's specific needs, sessions are provided both individually and with mothers and/or siblings.
  • Therapeutic activities - arts and crafts, music and drama enable children to safely express their feelings and overcome trauma.
  • Support for mothers - Rebuilding healthy parent-child relationships and positive family time.
  • Group outings and activities - Allowing children time to interact with others their own age or close to their age group.

If you are worried about the effects that an abusive relationship is having on your child and you would like to access support and advice, give us a call on our confidential Referral and Advice line 020 8317 8273. You can also see below for details of agencies that can help.


Here you can get help and advice about a wide range of issues and talk to a counsellor online.


Helpline: 0800 1111

Family Rights Group

Information for mothers whose children are involved with Children’s Services because of domestic abuse.


Family Matters

Specialist, confidential counselling, advice and helpline service for children and adult survivors of rape and sexual assault. Service delivered at various locations in the borough.


Helpline: 01474 537 392

Parent Support Group

For parents/carers with adolescent children. Offers a helpline, individual counselling, weekly drop-in sessions and ‘Living with challenging behaviour’ courses. Self-referral available.

Address: 72 Blackheath Road, Greenwich SE10 8DA


Helpline: 020 8469 0205


Mums’ support group @ Brookhill Children’s Centre

Treatment workers provide support to mothers who have issues with drugs or alcohol. Childcare provided to support sessions.

Phone: 020 8854 2859

Support for Young People

Domestic abuse affects adults and young people. Young people are increasingly reporting their experiences of abusive relationships. It has been found that teenage girls are more likely to experience sexual violence or feel pushed into sex when they are not ready, particularly if their partner is older than them (NSPCC, 2012).

It can be really confusing to be young and to be in an abusive relationship. But you do not need to go through this alone. There are loads of services that can help you get your confidence back, and get back to living life the way it should be; Fun, full of friends and most importantly with you in control of your body and your future.

If you or a friend of yours is not sure if they are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship you can look at our warning signs page.

To speak to someone to get support call our Referral and Advice on 020 8317 8273