Abusive behaviour may be common in society, but it is not acceptable. If you are experiencing abuse or seeing it inflicted on someone else, we are here to help you with advice and support.

One in four women experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives (Council of Europe, 2002).

Domestic abuse is a repetitive cycle of behaviour providing your abuser with power and control over you. It can make you feel helpless and trapped. Unfortunately, the abuse will continue until you, or someone else, steps in to break the cycle. If you are not sure whether what you are seeing or experiencing is domestic abuse, then you can find out more here.

This website is designed to provide information and advice on domestic abuse for both individuals and professionals. There are specific sections for women, men and young people. There is also a comprehensive local and national resources section, detailing support, for those experiencing domestic abuse.

If you are frightened or worried about the way your partner or ex-partner is treating you, you do not have to put up with it. No one deserves to be abused. We will support you, listen to you and believe you. We are able to provide confidential and anonymous information and support via email or by phone 020 8317 8273.

You can also talk to a social worker, your GP or a police officer. If you are in immediate danger, please phone 999 and ask for the police to attend.

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