It doesn’t matter who is abusing you. It is never OK. Domestic abuse comes in many forms and whilst you are being abused you might not recognise what is actually happening to you. Remember that your abuser is an expert at making you think it is all your fault, that it is perfectly normal or that you deserve this kind of treatment.

Your abuser probably says they are sorry and promises to change, but their behaviour doesn’t change. Often it can get worse. The remorse and promises are what give you hope that someday things will get better. It takes 35 instances of abuse, on average, before a woman reports it as such. Emotionally, psychologically and physically, that will take a toll on you and any children you may have.

Call our confidential helpline today on 020 8317 8273 and we will provide you with help and advice to get the support you need to leave. Our effects on children page gives you more information on how domestic abuse might be effecting your children today and in the future.