What is a healthy relationship?

In all relationships there can be difficult times. People can argue, disagree and say or do things that can be hurtful.

A healthy relationship is one where both partners treat each other with respect. A relationship where you both feel supported and are encouraged to ‘be yourself’.

In healthy relationships both partners treat each other with respect. Answer the following questions honestly to work out if your partner treats you with the respect you deserve.

Are you both:

  • Willing to compromise and talk through issues calmly as they come up?
  • Open to your partner going out with friends, relatives and colleagues without you?
  • Able to take responsibility for your actions without blaming the other for your shortcomings?
  • Comfortable being yourselves in front of each other?
  • Capable of saying no to each other and respecting that decision?
  • Respectful of each others’ privacy, allowing each other time and space alone?
  • Mindful of each others’ safety and of your childrens if you have any; not putting anyone in harms way?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, then you may not be in a healthy relationship. No relationship is perfect, but if the above are not the guiding principles behind how you treat each other then you may have issues that need to be addressed.

Remember that domestic abuse is not just physical, it can be psychological, sexual, financial or emotional. If you would like some help or advice please contact us on our confidential helpline 020 8317 8273.